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ESA2009 - 9th Conference of European Sociological Association
Abstract Submission - Questions

Frequently asked questions and doubts about the

Abstract Submission



Activate the editing system

I reach the phase where you welcome me to the abstract submission platform, but the actual site for editing and submitting the abstract is shaded in grey. How do I go from there?


Please be informed that after log in to the platform, you need to select the option new abstract in order to activate the screen to fill out the information and submit your abstract


Selection of RN/RS to submit my abstract

How do I activate the list of RN/RS where I can choose the RN/RS where I want to submit my abstract ?


Please click on the scroll down option box in order to select the RN/RS where you would like to submit your abstract.


 Lack of  or Incorrect Title of my Abstract

I did not enter a title to my abstract when I submitted it now appears as "DRAFT xxx.xxx",


Please contact the secretariat at the e-mail esa2009abstracts@leading.pt in order to inform the title to apply to your abstract.


Abstract text format

Some characters (apostrophe’s and brackets) in the abstract got changed in the system and appear as question marks, what do I do ?


This will be automatically corrected in the abstract submission platform. You will be notified via a new confirmation e-mail when the correction is done.


Poster presentation

I would like to send an abstract for a poster session. I can not find that session on the web site. Will there be no poster sessions during the conference?


Please note that your abstract is by default submitted as oral presentation.

Should you want to suggest to the coordinator of your RN/RS that your abstract is presented as poster, please inform your RN/RS coordinator of your preference via email listed at the conference website in the “Call for Abstracts” http://www.esa9thconference.com/?lop=conteudo&op=d67d8ab4f4c10bf22aa353e27879133c&id=f7177163c833dff4b38fc8d2872f1ec6


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